Chicago's Great American Beer Festival Winners

Last week brewers and the people who love them descended upon Denver from all over the country. The Great American Beer Festival is a “hoptastic” event that features 600 breweries and over 2800 beers. This beer fest is so big it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records!

One of the biggest compenents of this festival is the competition. A panel of professional judges awards bronze, silver, and gold medals for excellence in 84 beer-style categories. It’s a tough contest and not every style will have medal-winning beers if the judges don’t feel that the best in a particular category is an excellent representative.

Beer styles range from the traditional, like American-Style or International-Style Pilsener and Dortmunder or German-style Oktoberfest, to categories like Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beers, Smoke Beer, and Pumpkin Beer. There’s even a category for Gluten-Free Beer!

This year Chicago-area breweries brought home a few medals. See who won, and then pick some up and try them for yourself!

Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

Photo courtesy Great American Beer Festival






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