Chobani Aims to #StopSadBreakfast with free Pedicab Rides and Steel Cut Oats

If you work, live, or play in downtown Chicago you’re in for a treat this week. Chobani Yogurt is surprising commuters by “Cho-feurring” them to work in pedicabs designed to look like their new Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats. Not only will you get a ride, you’ll also get a free breakfast of Greek Yogurt, steel cut oats, and real fruit, proving that breakfast on the go doesn’t have to be bad for you. In fact, it can both be good and taste good, too!

Don’t need a ride? They’ll have breakfast stations set up. Just share a picture of your sad breakfast and tag it with #StopSadBreakfast and you’ll get a cup of Chobani Oats.

What are Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats? They’re a new hearty blend of Greek yogurt, steel cut oats and real fruit. A complete breakfast in a cup, each packs 10 grams of protein, 8 grams of whole grains and as much fiber as instant oatmeal and is available in four flavors – Apple Cinnamon, Banana Maple, Blueberry and Cranberry.

Catch one of the pedicabs and try this new breakfast option between 7am and 10am Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the following locations:

  • Monday, September 22: Pioneer Plaza (401 N. Michigan Ave)
  • Tuesday, September 23: LaSalle St. Station (W. Congress Pkwy)
  • Wednesday, September 24: Union Station (S. Riverside Plaza)

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