C'mon In – The Water's…YIKES!

To many the idea of jumping into Lake Michigan in the middle of winter is, frankly, nuts. Well, Chicago is filled with crazy people and most of them don’t even talk to themselves. There are a few Polar Bear clubs, including the Lakeview bunch that’s jumping this Saturday, but it seems the most passionate group is the one who dunks for Special Olympics every March.

Whether that idea makes you say “brrr” or “yee haw”, Windy City Social has an event for you. On February 11, “Warm Up To The Polar Plunge” is inviting dunkees and those of us who still have an ounce of self-preservation left to meet in the comfort of The Underground for a pre-plunge party. While raising money for Special Olympics Chicago, we’ll have appetizers and three drink tickets to heat up our insides while feeling all warm and fuzzy for helping such a good cause. If you couldn’t tell, I’ll be there. Look for the woman shaking her head and muttering “crazy folk”  – ’cause on the sanity scale, talking to yourself is a little closer to the normal end.

Yes, I am being entirely facetious. I may even take the plunge myself this year. But then again, you already knew I was off my rocker.






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