Cook County Sales Tax Increase – What You Can Do

UPDATE: From the time I posted this at 9:44am this morning, Cook County has since removed the option to oppose the sales tax increase.

Gee, the economy is so great right now, let’s propose an increase in the sales tax, shall we? I’m sure the thought process behind the increase is more involved than that, but with Cook County you can never tell, especially since this increase would give us the highest in the country. Fortunately they’ve given us a way to very quickly let them know how we feel.

1. Call 312-603-6400 for Cook County Board President Todd Stroger’s office.
2. Press 1 to provide feedback on general issues
3. Press 2 to choose the proposed sales tax increase (option 1 is for gun control, if you’re interested)
4. Press 2 to oppose the increase (1 to support)

That’s it. You’ve done your civic duty. If nothing else, if it does get passed you’ll have the right to complain about it.






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