Couples Shouldn't Have All The Fun

If you’re single around this time of year it’s easy to feel a little left out. Everywhere you look it’s couples this, love that.

I’m a single lady, and I say that couples shouldn’t have all the fun. So I’ve teamed up with Kit Kat Lounge for a fun event that doesn’t require a partner.


Stupid Cupid!

As the Kit Kat Divas perform, we’ll be enjoying appetizers like lobster spring rolls and coconut crab cakes. Kit Kat’s mixologist Kami Cantrell will be showing us how to make some of their signature martinis, including the brand new, made specially for this event, The Local Tourist! (For those in-the-know it’s a TLTini.)

Anti-Valentine’s Day movies will be playing in the background, like “The Break Up“, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall“, “War of the Roses“…not that we’re bitter or anything…

So, all you single people out there, join me on February 12 for some great food, some spectacular martinis, and a thoroughly entertaining evening. And since it’s two days before V-Day, who knows what will happen…


Stupid Cupid
Feb 12, 7 to 9:30pm, $35
Register today
Kit Cat Lounge, 3700 N Halsted







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