Crash Kings Ticket Giveaway!

The Crash Kings are going to be at Cubby Bear tonight, January 15, and we’ve got two tickets to give away! How do you win them? Leave a comment. That’s it. No hoops. OK, you have to leave a comment by 2pm, but that’s it. And we’re only going to pick one person to win the two tickets. But that’s it. Promise. Still, if all you have to do is leave a comment by 2pm for a chance to win? Not a bad deal at all.

Here’s a quick little burb from about the LA rockers:

Los Angeles power-pop balladeers Crash Kings have a blurb on their AbsolutePunk profile that begins, “Crash Kings sound like nothing you’ve heard before.” It’s not true at all. Crash Kings sound like Ben Folds and Jack White joined CK bros Weezer in a Queen tribute band…So anyway, Crash Kings don’t sound like nothing you’ve heard before. In fact, they sound a lot like plenty. But here’s a thought: Suppose you were to eat a sandwich made of tuna fish, peanut butter, and caramel. BUT suppose it was delicious. It wouldn’t be out of line for you to exclaim, “This is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before,” when in fact, it is exactly the same as three things you’ve had regularly since you were a kid (four, with the bread). It’s the unexpected combination of things that you already like, that gets you shouting. Crash Kings are like that. Try them. Shout a little.







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