D.S. Tequila is hot hot hot

Picture a Fat Tuesday. If you’ve been to Key West or the Mall of America you know what I’m talking about. Now, instead of rum, imagine tequila. Then add twelve types of tacos and burgers from the esteemed Allen Brothers, who also happen to be the purveyors of fine meats to Morton’s, Lawry’s, and Gene & Georgetti. Throw in some dance music and a patio larger than the bar itself and you’ve got D.S. Tequila Co.

This week they’re hosting their grand opening and they started off on Monday with a hosted party. Smack dab in the middle of Boys Town it’s obvious from the get go who they’re going for, but you don’t have to be LGBT to enjoy DS. They’ve got food to tease the foodie: those 12 tacos run the gamut from the traditional to “Coffee Spiced Rub Skirt Steak” and B.L.T. And you know how I mentioned Allen Brothers? That means good beef, and good beef means good burgers. If the tastings we sampled were any indication they’ll give a few of the hot burger joints a run for their money. They’ve also got adult beverages in mass quantities, with 40 beers, branded tequila, and a “Gulp of Mexico”. This monster is a 40oz fishbowl of blue booze. At only $12 it encourages public debauchery but makes up for it because one dollar from each aids Gulf of Mexico clean up efforts.

Inside it can be loud, and that, I’m thinkin’, is the way it’s designed to be. They’ve got a concrete bar, for heavens sake (which won’t stop any of the oh-so-very-pretty staff from dancing on its rough and ready surface). It’s much quieter outside, and even though winter will soon make its presence known, in the meantime you can enjoy some relative comfort with their gas powered space heaters or their two tables with fire pits.

Test out D.S. Tequila yourself this week. From Tuesday the 12th through Thursday the 14th they’re offering $2 tacos, $3 margaritas, $4 frozen beverages, and $5 burgers. If you go, leave a comment and let TLT know what you think!






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