Dancing with Hair Extensions

Professional dancer Kym Johnson, from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, waltzed into Ulta in Algonquin last week to present the brand-new Dancing with the Stars Hair Extension Collection.  

The hair extension collection features styles inspired by those seen on this hit-show.  They offer quick and easy transformations to any lackluster hairstyle.  

The collection is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  When I think of hair extensions, I envision clip-in or sew-in hair that’s flat, long and drab.  The Dancing with the Stars Hair Extension Collection offers a full range of hair colors, styles and three dimensional looks.  Collection highlights include bangs, braid bands, clip-in extensions and wraps that take less than a minute to pop on, slip-in or clip-in.

Johnson demonstrated and modeled the different hair extension styles.  She personally wore the Salsaloosa slip-on and Glamarama clip-in hair extensions together.

I got the opportunity to sample the different hair extensions and was impressed by all.  However, I ended up choosing the Salsaloosa and Glamarama styles together as my favorite.  Personally, these hair extensions are a great product for me because my hair is so flat and doesn’t hold any style.  I can finally get that glamorous hair I’ve always wanted.  Even if you have the best hair in the world, these hair extensions can improve your look in seconds.

The Dancing with the Stars Hair Extension Collection is by HairUWear®.  Select hair extension styles are developed with heat-friendly Tru2Life® technology and can withstand up to 350º heat, so you can style your extensions as you would your own hair. Each piece in the Dancing with the Stars Hair collection is available in multiple matchable shades. 

Johnson, an Australian native, began dancing when she was three-years-old.  She currently stars on several Dancing with the Stars workout DVDs.  Her previous celebrity dance partners on Dancing with the Stars include Jerry Springer, Joey Fatone (*NSYNC), Penn Jillette and Donny Osmond.  

Disclaimer: Wearing these hair extensions may make you feel like a great dancer, but it does not make you good at dancing.  Consult professional dancers for instruction.

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