Dear Smoke Daddy (a love letter)

I don’t know where to begin. I adore your exposed brick walls. Your service makes me swoon; when I think about your patio and your live music I go all a-flutter. The care you put into your beer selection shows me how thoughtful you are. But what really steals my heart is your food. Oh, the time and effort you show in your recipes, creating everything from scratch, well – how could a girl not fall for a guy like that?


Don’t worry Smoke Daddy; I know you’re not a one-woman kind of man and I realize that I have to share you. Truth is, I’m happy to, because it would be downright selfish to keep you all for myself. I just wanted to let you know how I feel.





Alright, I know, that’s over the top even for me, but Smoke Daddy was so over the top at Chef’s Table that I feel I need to return the favor. It started with the owner, Josh, telling me he’d been watching the radar; since it showed rain coming through around 6:30 he moved our group inside so we wouldn’t get all wet. It ended up being a beautiful night, but it really was the thought that counted.


Then everyone was handed a pint of Lagunitas upon arrival, and as soon as the group was complete they brought out enormous plates of bbq nachos, both pork and chicken. (These are $5 on Tuesday!) After that we had mini-sandwiches of pulled pork & chicken, served with coleslaw and baked beans. Then we were each served a half-slab of ribs with a crock of mac ‘n cheese and corn bread. And then…fried apple pie ala mode and banana pudding.


Can you see why I’m swooning just a bit? But lest you think I’m ready to fall for any guy that’ll put a plate full of food in front of me, I’m more the quality over quantity type of gal.


The nachos were a favorite. Piled high with shredded bbq pork or chicken, beans, and cheese, they disappeared almost as quickly as they were brought. The mini-sandwiches were also good and we tried the three sauces they had on the tables, and my group agreed we liked the mustard barbecue the best. Good coleslaw is harder to make than it seems, and Smoke Daddy has a winner. They use, surprisingly, a bit of cilantro. The ribs, tender and meaty, also stood out (I’m being the queen of understatement here).


I’m a little jealous because the other table got to try the wings. After Hungry Z told them how he tried all the wings at WingFest for NBC Chicago, Smoke Daddy had to show off their expertise and those were a definite favorite. Looks like I’ll just have to go back.


I could go on and on, but I don’t want to be seen as a stalker or anything. Fortunately, if I show up at Smoke Daddy’s doorstep every day there’s no cause for a restraining order; then I’m just a regular.







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