There are many different adjectives to describe food that tastes good: wonderful, delectable, yummy, scrumptious, mouthwatering, tasty, etc. But at dinner at Markethouse, all I could say was “delicious”.

Markethouse (611 N Fairbanks, 312-787-7337) is a new restaurant in the Magnificent Mile Doubletree Hotel. Its focus is on using seasonally available products, both locally and from global regions. (Full disclosure: I previously worked with Manager Lisa Hao at another restaurant.)

I began with the hummus, served with roasted red pepper, cucumber, farmers cheese, and crisp flatbread. It was so good that when I ran out of the flatbread I ate it with a fork. Delicious.

Next was the roasted pear and endive salad with candied pecans, buttermilk blue cheese, and maple vinaigrette. Delicious.

My entree was the Miller Farms Rotisserie Chicken. I normally don’t order chicken at restaurants, but our server Cara sold me on it with her description of how juicy and tender it would be. Plus it was served with asparagus and yukon gold potatoes. Cara also selected a tasty wine for me, a Spanish Burgans Albarino. Know what I said when she checked on dinner? Delicious.

For dessert Lisa brought out the bread pudding served with rum raisin ice cream. Oh my. I tried to think of another word. At this point I was quite aware of my limited use of my fairly vast vocabulary and frankly a little embarrassed, feeling like a one-trick pony. Alas, all I could say was…









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