Diner En Blanc Returns As Chicago In White

Leave it to the French. They’ve managed to turn a flash mob into something elegant and tasteful. Diner En Blanc began as a small group dining in a public place and covered head to table to chair to toe in white. Now thousands celebrate this annual event, which is still have-to-know-someone invitation-only.

Leave it to Chicagoans to make it our own. Last year was the inaugural event for the Windy City and it followed many of the same protocols as those in gay Paris. We, however, were more egalitarian, opening the invitations to the public.

In its second year our tradition continues and evolves, even to claiming our own name. Chicago In White celebrates the City Beautiful movement of 1893 and the Columbian Exposition’s White City. Once again attendees will gather at “Harmonization Points” all over the city to learn the destination for this elaborate flash picnic. They’ll be led by Heads Of Table, and I’m proud to say that once again I’ll be leading a group.

This year the event will be on August 25th. While it is open to the pubic, first chance goes to previous attendees. They can begin getting theirs tomorrow through Monday. Those who were on the waitlist last year can get theirs between Saturday and Monday. Ticket sales open to the public on Monday at noon and again at 9pm.






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