Don't Wait Wait…For This Show!

If you’ve listened to “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” on WBEZ, you’ve heard them say it’s taped in front of a live studio audience. Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell welcome a rotating collection of actors, comedians, politicians, and anybody else they can get on the show. This cast of characters takes the week’s news and turns it into laugh-out-loud funny and have been doing it since before LOL.

The show’s taped on Thursdays and is (generally) at the Chase Bank Auditorium in downtown Chicago. All of the upcoming shows through February 9 are sold out and the next one in town is March 1 – and those aren’t available for purchase yet! But wait wait…since tickets go on sale on Friday at 10am six weeks in advance of the taping date, those will be available for purchase this Friday. Set an alarm or a reminder or something because it’d be a shame to miss one of radio’s funniest shows when it’s recorded right here in Windy City.

Tickets can be purchased here (on Friday at 10am and not a minute sooner) and you can get answers to all your questions here.

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