Down the Rabbit Hole

When Big Jones invites you to a ‘Whiskey Social” you RSVP yes. When that whiskey comes from Kentucky, you know you’ll have a knee slappin’ good time. And when you meet Kaveh Zamanian of Rabbit Hole Distillery, prepare to fall head over heels for his Bourbon. Just as he once did.

“As with all good stories, this one starts with a girl. I met my wife while living in Chicago. She introduced me to Bourbon, luring me away from my beloved Scotch. I fell in love with her and Bourbon at the same time, and for much the same reason: charm, beauty, elegance. She pulled me down a rabbit hole I might never have dared alone, to the countryside of Kentucky, the progressive vibrancy of Louisville, and, inevitably, to Bourbon.”

We fell for the Bourbon and for the story recently while sipping whiskey cocktails with Kaveh at Big Jones on a hazy summer evening in Chicago. Everything about the event was romantically hued, from sun filtering through Big Jones’ windows to sexy Mint Julep slushies generously spiked with Rabbit Hole Bourbon and topped with fresh mint to distiller’s own Chicago roots and mild manner. What can we say? Instant crushes cannot be helped.

We sipped perfect Manhattans and sampled several whiskeys unadorned. Kentucky Straight Bourbon, spicy and sassy and sweet, was charming as a Southern Belle. Kentucky Straight Rye showed more muscular, lean structure, strong yet restrained. But our favorite, Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in PX sherry casks, was a revelation. Balanced and refined, this whiskey had a long lingering finish remenicent of nutty sherry. Perfection.

“Bourbon was a revelation. Neglected for decades, undergoing a Renaissance of both quality and vision. The product of Kentucky’s corn and pure, iron-free water; aged by the region’s hot Summers and cold Winters in barrels hewn from native oak; Bourbon reclaimed its birthright: American to its core, genuinely ours, unlike anything else in the world. I had to be part of it.

There may be no better place to shape a new whiskey than Louisville. World-class expertise can be found down every street. When I said Rabbit Hole would build on tradition to create something proudly modern, it captured the imaginations of some of Bourbon’s best. They took their amazing understanding of what whiskey is and helped us imagine what whiskey could be. They dove into the unknown with me and did not look back.”

Luckily, Kaveh haven’t forgotten his Chicago roots. Rabbit Hole spirits are now available throughout the Chicagoland, so your perfect Manhattan is only a shopping trip away. Find the store or restaurant nearest you here. The distillery is located in the heart of Louisville’s NULU district, and starting in early 2018 there will be a tasting room, a restaurant and an event space!

“From grain to bottle, inside Rabbit Hole, you’ll witness the creation of modern spirits. Because those spirits don’t come to life until they’re shared, the easy sociability of Rabbit Hole’s tasting bars and restaurant complete the experience.

Make the occasion memorable. Drink, dance, and eat with your favorite people at our event space, available for bookings in early 2018.”

Road trip, anyone? I want to see the barrels being toasted and Bourbon being made. Don’t you?..

Big Jones is located at 5347 N. Clark In Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

The Local Tourist access to Rabbit Hole Distilling tasting event courtesy of Isabelli Media Relations.







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