Downtown Shucking: 8 Oyster Specials at Downtown Chicago Restaurants

Chicagoans love their bivalves. With its Midwestern location you might not think of Chicago as a great spot for oysters, but its precisely because of it that we have such a great selection. Since we’re in the middle of the country we can have oysters flown in from both coasts, giving us a fresher all-around selection.

Of course, since they have to be flown in these slippery little suckers can get to be a bit expensive. Fortunately there are frequent, and often daily, specials that make it easy to fill your oyster obsession without emptying your wallet. Here are 8 oyster specials at downtown Chicago restaurants:

Benny’s Chop House

  • $0.25 oysters
  • When: Wednesdays 3pm to 7pm in the bar
  • Where: 444 N Wabash St.

Bridge House Tavern

  • 1/2 price oysters
  • When: Monday – Friday 3pm to 6pm
  • Where: 321 N Clark St

Chicago Oyster House

  • $1.50 oysters
  • When: Daily 5pm to 6pm
  • Where: 1933 S Indiana Ave
  • They also have $1.50 Blue Points on Mondays and $2 Grilled Oysters on Wednesdays

Devon Seafood Grill

  • $1 oysters and $7 appetizers
  • When: Mon – Thurs 4pm to 7pm and 9pm to 10pm, Fri 4pm to 7pm and 9pm to 11pm, Sat 9pm to 11pm, Sun 4pm to 9pm
  • Where: 39 E Chicago Ave

The Franklin Room

  • $1 oysters
  • When: Daily 5pm to 6:30pm
  • Where: 675 N Franklin

Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House

  • 1/2 price oysters
  • When: Daily 3pm to 6pm
  • Where: 1024 N Rush Street

Shaw’s Crab House

  • 1/2 price oysters
  • When: Daily 4pm to 6pm
  • Where: 

Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar

  • $1 oysters
  • When: Daily 5pm to 6:30pm
  • Where: 230 W Erie Street

Do you know of more Chicago restaurants with oyster specials? Leave a comment!

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Photo courtesy of Benny’s Chop House






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