Drink Deck-ing Your Way Around Chicago

When it comes to going out to bars it’s easy to get in a rut. You find a place you like, whether it’s because of the patrons, the ambiance, or the bartender, and you want to go back again and again and eventually you become a regular. Sometimes, though, you want to try someplace new. But where do you go?

Drink Deck to the rescue. Imagine a deck of cards, except your 10 of spades is actually $10 off at Redmond’s and the ace of diamonds gets you $10 at Pops for Champagne. Just like a normal deck there are 52 cards but in this one each represents $10 off at a different Chicago bar and they never expire. 

Drink Deck is available for $30 online or at various retail locations, or you can pick one up tomorrow night. They’re having a launch party for their second edition at The Motel Bar, complete with free appetizers, Absolut Vodka cocktails and Pacifico beer. Gives a whole new meaning to 52 card pick-up…







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