Election 2008: Where Will You Be?

This year’s election has generated an unprecedented level of excitement. People are planning tomorrow like it’s Super Bowl Sunday or New Year’s Eve. A huge number of people will be in Grant Park for the Obama/Biden rally, but others are staying as far away from the madness as possible.

Here’s what a few people are doing:


On election day I’ll phone banking for Bill Foster & Obama in Aurora. then Partying in Grant Park.

we are heading to the rally!!! Got our tickets.
leahjones i’ll be at matilda. heard about 45 rsvps so far, so going early and staking my seat at the bar.
I’m going to find a local bar and watch the returns come in hopefully surrounded by a good crowd.
For election night – kids in bed, p.j.’s on, jack and diet in hand, and watching election coverage.
specialKevin I am going to the Obama rally in Grant Park.
johnhead leaving downtown and getting away from the rally nuthouse. Staying in the suburbs

retheauditors Mine: (The Chicago Council On Global Affairs)

GirlfriendCeleb voting of course 🙂 the kids are off school, so entertaining them and hopefully, celebrating!
voting at 6am in Rogers Park, then off to work early hopefully. I’d rather go early than worry about voting that evening!


I’ll be working late that night. Hope you have fun.

1god I’ll be in the area looking to meetup with folks and creating social media.

Obviously the rally’s the big news. Even those who don’t have tickets will be swarming the area. James Janega wrote up a Q&A in the Chicago Tribune about the event. If you don’t have a ticket, be forewarned that you might be turned away.

That’s not the only game in town. TimeOut Chicago has a breakdown of the organized political events, and you can bet every bar in the city will be televising the election. If you’ve been waiting to see Wicked, Jersey Boys, or Dirty Dancing, tomorrow’s the day to go. Broadway In Chicago is offering theater-goers tickets for $44, and they’ll be broadcasting election results throughout the productions.

So tell us: What are you doing for election day?






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