Election Humor in 140 characters or less

Can’t resist posting this funny exchange between “jhimm” and me:


thelocaltourist: RT* @leahjones: I think a lot of voters might have a private celebration tonight, leading to a lot of babies in 9 months.

jhimm: so, you’re predicting a Baby Obooma ?

thelocaltourist: Yep – and all those new moms will be in a lot of McPain

jhimm: our economic woes will be Palin by comparison?

thelocaltourist: And until then we’ll just be Biden our time

jhimm: i’ll be completely over the Hilary by then.

thelocaltourist: I concede victory to you, my friend.


*RT means something is being “retweeted”, or re-posted. Leah Jones originally posted that comment.






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