Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling Bring Me To Life

I fell in love with Evanescence when their first single, “Bring Me To Life” was released in 2003. After never being able to catch their shows, I was granted a photo pass for their Carnival of Madness concert at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois back in 2012. Nine years of waiting to see them perform, I was finally in that venue, getting ready for the time of my life.

Their opener, Halestorm, was rockin’ out and then the worst thunderstorm began. The sky lit up, the clouds dumped what felt like oceans full of water in the venue, thunder roared and the wind gusts were making the LED screen above the drummer sway back and forth dangerously. Halestorm exited the stage halfway through their set and the concert was canceled. My heart was crushed.

Fast forward five years later, and Evanescence announces they are back on tour and will be coming to The Chicago Theatre on November 30, 2017. I purchased tickets right away and then I got sick the day of, and wasn’t able to attend.

Needless to say, when Evanescence announced this recent tour, this time with a full orchestra, and special guest violinist extraordinaire, Lindsey Stirling, I knew I had to go. They were scheduled to play at Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, Illinois on July 10, 2018.  Tickets went on sale in May and I bought pavilion seats. I knew that the third time was going to be my charm.

There’s something about Evanescence, specifically singer Amy Lee, that I’ve always been drawn to. She’s got powerhouse vocals, is a talented pianist and, not to mention, gorgeous. I’ve had short hair my entire life, but when she broke out on the scene, I decided to grow my hair long like hers and copied her fashion style. Plus, she is one of my major musical influences. I even went dressed as her in the “Call Me When You’re Sober” music video for Halloween in 2006.

When I woke up on the morning of Evanescence’s concert at Ravinia, I wasn’t sick and the weather was going to be beautiful. I counted my blessings and the day dragged on so slowly. When it was finally time to leave for the concert, I couldn’t contain my excitement. After 15 years, I was about to see Evanescence in the flesh. 

Ravinia is a fun venue because you can picnic on their lawn before heading into the pavilion. I ate some cheese and crackers and sipped some wine with friends a couple hours before the show. It helped to pass the time. 

Opening up the concert was Lindsey Stirling. She’s a violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer. She presents choreographed violin performances, both live and in music videos on her YouTube channel. Stirling is most recognized for being a quarter-finalist on America’s Got Talent season five in 2010.

Stirling is one small, but giant ball of energy. She came on stage and performed 14 songs with full orchestra and would dance her way from stage left to stage right, walking up to the drum riser, jumping down and she never slowed down. It was a powerfully packed performance. I was astonished at how flexible she was. She’d be bending and twirling, all while playing perfectly on her electric violin. She changed her outfits several times and had a group of dancers, who also changed their outfits, to match her vibe. This lady was amazing and I was giddy getting the chance to capture her talent and dance moves.

Once Stirling exited the stage, there was a quick set change, and then it was time for Evanescence. The lights dimmed, the crowd cheered and Amy Lee, Tim McCord (bassist), Will Hunt (drummer), Troy McLawhorn (guitarist) and Jen Majura (guitarist) entered the stage with the full orchestra and they began gracefully playing an Overture. My heart was so happy. 15 years of waiting all came down to this very moment and it was magical.

Lee wore a beautiful gown with a black top and dress made out of tulle and glittery fabric. She was the definition of perfection. The orchestra performed impeccably and Evanescence was nothing but pure grace and power.

The band played some lesser known tracks and popular tunes that drew the crowd in from the first song to their last. Lee switched it up every once in a while from standing in front of the microphone and singing, to playing on the grand piano. My favorite songs played were “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal.” You can check out both set lists from Stirling and the band below.

I count my lucky stars that I was finally able to witness Evanescence in person. It was worth the 15 year wait. Thank you for making my night, Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling and Ravinia Festival, and for bringing me to life.

My photos of Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling can be found at the bottom of this article.

Evanescence Set List

Never Go Back
End of the Dream
My Heart Is Broken
Bring Me to Life
Across the Universe (The Beatles cover)
Hi-Lo (with Lindsey Stirling)
Lost in Paradise
Your Star
My Immortal
The In-Between
No More Tears / Alive (with Lindsey Stirling) (Ozzy Osborne / Sia mashup)


Lindsey Stirling Set List

The Arena
Moon Trance
Shatter Me (with Amy Lee)
Lost Girls
Take Flight
Roundtable Rival
Hold My Heart
First Light
Don’t Let This Feeling Fade
Beyond the Veil
Phantom of the Opera Medley






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