Fanny packs, battery chargers, & mosquitos

Yesterday I had every intention of posting frequently about my second day at Lollapalooza with Cara. However, my phone battery wasn’t up to the task. I even had a portable battery charger in my fanny pack (yes, I looked as cool as that sounds).

To summarize, Cara interviewed Ed Kowalczyk from Live, we were five feet away from Devo and Neon Trees, we ate a lobster corndog from Graham Elliot Bowles, and sampled wine from Estancia, poured by a woman who seemed like she really knew what it tasted like, if you know what I mean. We caught the tail end of Neon Trees and then headed back to see Lady Gaga.

Our plan had been to see the Madonna-like performer for about half an hour and then cross the park to see The Strokes. After about 20 minutes of being eaten alive by mosquitos and being decidedly unimpressed with her show, we trekked north. With about half the park, it seemed.

That was much more our scene. Bewigged and heeled fans were replaced by t-shirts and shorts. There were also no mosquitos. We figured that was because instead of perfumed masses we were now surrounded by clouds of reefer smoke. Apparently the little buggers aren’t fans of the Mary Jane.

On our way to the Belvedere after party at the hard Rock Hotel we stopped for dinner at Sweetwater (highly recommend their burgers!), and by the time we were done the line into the party was gone. An hour or so of music and drinks and we were back on the train home to rest up for another day.

Did I mention Lollapalooza is exhausting?






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