Featured Bands Are Back!

Almost three years ago I began featuring local bands on The Local Tourist. Each week you’d get to hear a song by a Chicago-area band with an upcoming show, kind of a “try it before you buy it” idea. Some pretty amazing bands have graced the pages of TLT. Unfortunately, things have been a little hectic this year with all of the new features and neighborhoods and community aspects added to the site, so the featured bands fell by the way side. 


No more. Chicago’s live music scene is vital, and I personally find it vital to my sanity, so I’m bringing music back and this time it’s better than ever. Starting today there’s a featured band and you can listen to them and vote without leaving the home page. You can even see when and where the next show is, and if you can purchase tickets online there’s a link for that, too.


Who are your favorite bands? Let me know, and maybe they’ll be the next featured band on TLT!


Now that you’ve finished reading, visit the home page and check out Moxxy (scroll down). If this tells you anything, I’ve seen them twice in the last month and will see them again next Friday! (And they’re playing with previously featured bands Lucid Ground & Heavy The Fall!)






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