First Ever TLT Live Music Showcase!

I’m kind of a music freak. I can’t help it. My parents met at Indiana University music school and I started college with a clarinet performance major at the same place. While I took a different path, choosing the written word over notes as my form of expression, it’s still in my blood and discovering new bands and listening to live music is one of my great joys. How fortunate, then, that I call Chicago home, a city that has the best music scene in the country. That’s just not my personal opinion; it’s a sentiment I’ve heard echoed by countless musicians.

It’s a scene I’ve hoped to encourage by featuring local bands on the site, and now TLT is taking it a step further with the first The Local Tourist Showcase! On December 10 five of my favorite bands will take the stage at one of my favorite venues. Elbo Room, a.k.a. my “happy place”, is hosting an evening of Chicago’s best Rock-Folk musicians. I’m even more excited that this is a “teaser” for the 2nd Annual Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival on December 12 since two of the bands, Goodbye Home and Cobalt & The Hired Guns, are going to be performing there as well!

8:30pm David Kav

If you know me personally then you know I love David’s music. He’s always an energetic performer but this will be an especially exciting performance. He’ll be coming off of Writing The Rails, an Amtrak tour to Memphis to raise money for St. Jude’s. I’ll be accompanying him to document the experience while he plays in college towns along the way and uses the romance of the rails as inspiration for his next songs. Be the first to hear them live at this show!

9:00pm Matt Ryd

You’ve probably heard Matt Ryd before. If you watch Scrubs, you definitely have. His music’s been featured on the popular ABC sitcom. But he’s so much more than a soundtrack; he also puts on a great live performance with his “blended margarita of Rilo Kiley, Simon & Garfunkel, and Journey.” 

10:00pm Left Turn At Albuquerque

LTAA is the reincarnation/reinvention of Jeff Churchwell’s The Hawk In October and got its name from Bugs Bunny – “I should have taken a left turn…” No, that’s not the reason I invited them to be part of this lineup. It’s because every time I listen to their music I get chills. It’s that cool. 

11:00pm Goodbye Home

When you put incredibly talented musicians together there’s always a danger that it’ll be just a bunch of noise. Really skillful noise, but noise nonetheless. Not with this group. They’ve found a way to let each individual’s strengths shine and we are the lucky beneficiaries of that combination. 

12:00am Cobalt & The Hired Guns

Mention this band’s name to any Chicago acoustic/folk/Americana/singer-songwriter musician and the response will be “I love them!” They’re fun; they’re infectious; you will be dancing. Mike Raspatello, founder of the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival (where they’ll be playing for the 2nd year) said it well: “They remind me of a band that would be playing at a party in a movie that is more fun than a party that would happen in real life.”

With this lineup I have a feeling we’ll sell the place out, so get your tickets early! They’re a whopping $8.

The Local Tourist Showcase

December 10, 8:00pm, $8

Elbo Room, 2871 N Lincoln Ave






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