Flapping Their CinemaJaws

Take a couple of guys who love movies, give them beers and microphones, and what have you got? CinemaJaw!

I jest, because this podcast is WAY cooler than that description. Each week they pick a theme and discuss movies with a special guest. Previous episodes have talked about disaster movies with Shawn King of Evil Squirrel Comics, Best Movie Villains with Stephen Markley, and Best Dance Movies with The Flaming Dames. They’ve even talked about tattoos in movies with a tattoo artist, and yours truly chatted with them about Road Trip movies.

Next week they’re celebrating their 100th Episode Extravaganza and you’re invited! Several guests will be in attendance, including myself. Come meet Ry The Movie Guy, Matt K, and Reno, the man who makes them sound good and (tries) to keep them on track. There will be live performances by Lord of the Yum Yum and The Flaming Dames and CinemaJaw live.






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