Four Star Italian Food at Che Figata

Che Figata just opened in Naperville at the Hotel Arista and you should go there for a lot of reasons.

Maybe you’re in town on business and your company has put you up in the terribly hip and wildly unexpected Hotel Arista which is connected to Che Figata via the refreshingly dark Zorba Lounge and its bartenders with their old school Bourbon savvy or their cask aged Negroni. Or maybe you’re into enjoying a decent Manhattan made with good whiskey and you heard about their Belle Meade based house version which is classic and frigid and worthy. Or perhaps you’re in need of something light and fizzy and refreshing like their Lemon Aloe Refresher. Or maybe you just want a decent bottle of wine made via sustainable practices and you got a look at their wine list, on which you found a 2007 Bond Estates Melbury Cab, a 2011 Robert Sinskey POV Meritage, and an affordable and amazing 2014 Kung Fu Girl Riesling.

Or maybe you go because you’re celebrating and Che Figata is just a fine place to do so, with a menu that is eclectic yet familiar, brilliantly put together and prepared in a gorgeous room. You order midollo con Fave Capperi, cavolfiore arrosto and ricotta di pecora, (roast cauliflower, spring garlic, sheep milk ricotta, watercress, apple, local curried honey, balsamela Acetaia San Giacomo); with braised dandelions and grilled artichoke slaw; followed by budino al rabarbaro  (caramelized rhubarb, salted caramel, olive oil, and chocolate). All of which comprise a tiny portion of this massive and authentic Italian menu which is so thoroughly comprehensive it’s almost baffling.

Or maybe you come for their market, where you can pick up some of the ingredients they use, packaged delightfully and sold at the front of the restaurant in a cute little convenience area.

Maybe you’re just sitting here reading this article on your tablet waiting for your laundry to finish in the dryer and you’re thinking, wow, Forbes gave them a four-star rating – this place sounds great and you decide to go for no reason at all.

That’s a good reason to go. You don’t need a reason to go.

Just go.






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