Frank Abagnale, Jr.: Catch Him While You Can

If you’ve seen the movie “Catch Me If You Can” you might recognize the name Frank Abagnale, Jr. His shenanigans as a young con man were captured on screen by Leonardo DiCaprio. Whether he was a doctor, a lawyer, or a jet pilot, the pre-21 year old kid managed to elude the FBI for years. That, of course, became a bestselling autobiography, which in turn, of course, became the hit movie, and is now, of course, a Broadway musical that has hit the stage of the Cadillac Palace Theatre.

What is not expected is that you can actually meet the myth. Frank Abagnale, Jr., the boy who put the man in manhunt, is making a special appearance after the show on April 13th for some Q&A.

Catch Me If You Can* is only in Chicago through Sunday, so if you want to see it, and see the man who inspired it all, you better get your tickets while you can.

Photo credit: Carol Rosegg courtesy of Catch me If You Can






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