Free Foie

It’s been one heck of a week in Chicago politics. Not only did a massive opposition to the promoter’s ordinance send it back to committee, now the foie gras ban has been repealed. For Chicago chefs (except, possibly, for Trotter), it’s like the end of prohibition and you can bet we’ll be seeing lots of menus featuring the delicacy in the following weeks. Until then, Pastoral is offering free foie gras tastings at both of its locations this Saturday. (2945 N Broadway & 53 E Lake St)

There’s one more political battle this week. Tomorrow the City Council is going to be voting on the Chicago Children’s Museum’s planned move to Grant Park. There’s also an opposition site set up for this issue.

Daley does a good job of cleaning up downtown Chicago’s streets. Maybe its residents can clean up Chicago’s politics.






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