Fresh Start Goal #2: Be Green

With global warming (60 degrees in January in Chicago?) and other environmental issues taking center stage, it’s even more important in 2008 to be green. You’ve pledged to start recycling, so here’s a quick guide on reducing your impact on the environment.

Blue Bag Program

Single Family Homes, 2-, 3-, or 4-Flat Buildings whose trash is picked up by the Department of Streets and Sanitation purchase blue bags at grocery, drug and hardware stores. Use a separate bag for paper; metals, glass and plastics; and yard waste, and then place them in city-supplied black carts.

Recycling Drop-Off Centers

There are fifteen drop-off centers located around the city where you can deposit paper, plastics, and glass. These can be thrown in together, and the centers are open daily during daylight hours. Map of locations

Multi-Unit Buildings

If you live in a multi-unit building, your building management is required to provide a recycling program. The Recycling Ordinance defines that as the following:

  • Source Reduction & Separation: the waste service must pick up three different types of materials, or two types if the building can prove it implements two waste reduction measures (like energy saving light bulbs).
  • Education: They’ve got to tell you what you can recycle and how to do it! They can do this by posting signs or distributing pamphlets.
  • Written Recycling Plan: The plan details the whole kit and kaboodle, and should be available to all residents.

If your building is derelict in its trash duty, call the City of Chicago at (312)744-7606, or email at
Take care of two resolutions at once, recycling and volunteering, by giving your time with the Chicago Recycling Coalition.






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