Get a cab anywhere, any time

Although I’ve lived in the city for 9 years now, I’ve never put a cab company’s number in my cell phone. I don’t use them that frequently. However, there are times when it would have been helpful. Now I don’t need to; I can just remember 777222

This is a new service in the Chicago area called GoFastCab. A friend was over last night, and while I don’t exactly live in the boondocks, there aren’t a whole lot of cabs on west Fullerton at 10:30 on a Tuesday night. And it was cold! She texted my address to 777222 and immediately received a confirmation text, including the name of the cab company that would be picking her up. Then she got a phone call. Then about 15 minutes later I saw a cab driving down my dead-end street. TaDa!

If you’re traveling the number also works in LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Nashville, Charlotte, and San Jose.

For more information their website is 






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