Go Fly a Kite

Or watch as hundreds of others do.  It was a really cool sight.  We rode our bikes towards the lake not as any particular destination but to just be out on a great day.   The sky was filled with kites at the annual Kids and Kites Festival on Saturday May 1st at Montrose Harbor.  There were kites of every imaginable size, shape and characterization flying on this perfect, just windy enough day. Families were picnicking all around and kids (of all ages) were setting things afloat.  My favorites were the sort of double kites.  Huge animals (in this case a cat, octopus and sea horse) were being held aloft by another larger kite sent high in the sky to take advantage of the winds.  I was giddy (which doesn’t take much) and filled with memories of my dad taking me down to the beach to fly a kite when we visited my grandmother in California.  I’m glad this festival didn’t get axed from the roster of city sponsored events.  It was wonderful to see so many families out and about, enjoying one of the many things this great city of ours has to offer.






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