Grand Slam for Jersey Boys at Home Run Inn

Home Run Inn Pizza is a Chicago favorite and has been for 65 years. Not only do they have successful restaurants, they’re also a staple in many Chicagoans’ freezers. In honor of their longevity, which is no mean feat in Chicago’s ever-changing restaurant (and pizza!) scene, they’ve partnered with Jersey Boys to offer $65 tickets* This is a $35 savings over the normal price!

The show’s back for an eight week engagement at the Bank Of America Theatre, running now through June 3. I say it’s “back”, but it’s really an all-new show. Since it’s a national tour the physical production is completely different. This time around it’s a “speed set” vs. an “elevator set”, meaning the first comes from the wings of the stage, and the second from below. There’s also a new cast, and they’ve impressed the socks off of Sun-Times theater reviewer Hedy Weiss:

The four leading men featured here might very well be the strongest and most engaging group ever assembled, with an ideally defined chemistry (though “volatility” might be a better word to describe their characters’ interplay).

I had the opportunity to speak with Frankie Valli, a.k.a. Joseph Leo Bwarie, for a quick moment. He was at Home Run Inn with his costars and they tried their hands at making some ‘za to help the parlor celebrate its milestone.

Joseph’s toured – a lot. He’s been in over 50 cities, and like a true “local tourist”, treats his time in each new location “like a scavenger hunt”. It’s his first time in Chicago, so while he’s here he wants to explore the museums, the theaters, the lake front path, and plans on “eating his way through Chicago.” (Smart man.) During his walks to work he marvels at the beauty of Michigan Avenue and the cleanliness of our downtown neighborhoods.

When he told people that he would be in Chicago, he said that without fail they would say “I love Chicago! It’s my favorite city!” Now he can see why.

You can meet “Frankie”, “Bob”, “Tommy”, and “Nick” on April 30 at Dancing In The Street. The “Boys” will perform the hits of Motown at this one-night only fundraiser for Broadway Cares. And be sure to get your tickets to see the show!

Specially priced Home Run Inn tickets are available for shows on May 15, May 16 matinee & evening, May 17 evening and May 20 evening. Offer ends May 1 at 11:59pm.






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