Hear Ye, Thee Bold-Faced Blusterers and Dauntless Frugal Fortune-Tellers

Today, the 445th anniversary of the Bard’s birth, is Talk Like Shakespeare Day. After four and a half centuries the poet’s influence is unquestioned and his works are a fixture in theater, nay, the entire English language.


Chicago Shakespeare TheaterYou don’t even have to use thee’s and thou’s. It’s downright zany how many words he coined. Whether you’re well-bred, well-educated, well-behaved, well-read, or even an uneducated blusterer, you’ve undoubtedly used several of them without even realizing it.


Of course, methinks tis much more fun to say prithee and fie and to curse like a black-faced ill-tempered cruelhearted jackanape.






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