Horrifying Fun at the House of Torment Haunted Houses

The haunting season is coming to a close and if you’re looking for the best haunted house in Chicago land, look no further.  The House of Torment Haunted Houses in Morton Grove is back and scarier than ever.  It’s a must see for this season and they have not one, but two haunted houses to spook all of your senses with attractions, The Frenzy and Nightmare High.

I used to be in the haunt industry and have performed in various haunted houses for several years.  I usually never get spooked, but the House of Torment made me scream at every turn and got my heart beating so fast.  

The scare actors were extremely convincing and didn’t break character.  They kept you on your toes and moved you along in a perfectly orchestrated fashion to twist and turn you into the next abyss.  

The House of Torment Haunted Houses are constructed in a giant warehouse off of Austin Avenue.  Technically speaking, they don’t skimp on anything.  They had extravagantly decorated rooms that didn’t make you feel like you were in a haunted house.  You were transported to new spaces into another world.  Plus, their characters’ makeup, wigs and costumes were nearly impeccable.

As you enter the House of Torment, you are greeted by bloody residents and are taken into their first attraction called The Frenzy that takes over Chicago.  It’s a kaleidoscope of gory streets and subway tunnels lined with bandits, rioters, murderous maniacs unleashed by chaos.  You wander with anxiety through The Frenzy for approximately 20 minutes of sheer suspense.

Upon exit you can either leave should your soul not be able to handle another horror, however, I highly encourage you to up your ante and enroll yourself to their second attraction, Nightmare High.  This dilapidated Morton Grove High School is led by a machete wielding zombie cheerleader.  She guides you along this educational institution filled with poor desperate pupils who remain in this torturous state.  You are subject to this nightmare for roughly 20 scary minutes.

For this final weekend of fear-filled fun, visit the House of Torment Haunted Houses.  General admission is $29.99, past pass (short wait) is $39.99 and skip the line (no wait) passes are $49.99.  They are located at 8240 N. Austin Ave., Morton Grove, IL 60053.  For full details visit www.houseoftormentchicago.com.  






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