How Do You Get To Wrigley Field?

Don’t worry – the answer is not “Practice, practice, practice.” Not this time anyway. In fact, you can actually take the whole family to Wrigley Field for less than it costs to see a movie.

July 7th is the third annual “Road To Wrigley”, when minor league teams the Peoria Chiefs and the Kane County Cougars will face off in the Friendly Confines. This night they’re family friendly, with activities for kids and the mascot kids of all ages love, The Famous Chicken. Children 14 and under even get to watch batting practice from the field and run the bases after the game (think I can pass for a tween? No? Darn.).

The best part is they’ve actually priced this event so families can come. Parking is only $2. That’ll get you less than half an hour in the Loop. Hot dogs are also $2, and for those grown-up kids there are $3.50 beers in the Bud Light Bleachers. Tickets are reasonable to start, with $5 cheap seats and a maximum of $30 to be in the dugout box, but if you use the code TWEET you’ll save 50%. 

Now that’s what I call a tweet deal.

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