How To Improve the Perfect Tea Mug

I confess: I’m a coffee drinker. It’s an integral part of my morning routine: feed the cats, brush the teeth, brew the coffee. That being said I’ve always liked the idea of tea. Although it’s been reported recently that coffee actually has some health benefits, tea has always been touted as a healthy beverage. Plus, it has history and mystery, both of which are alluring.

Despite all of that, and the fact that my partner is a bona fide tea drinker, I just couldn’t get into it. After a delivery I received today I think that’s all about to change.

Canadian tea-preneur (I made that up. Or at least I think I did.) DAVIDsTEA just opened two locations in Chicago, with a plan for a third before the end of the year, so they sent me a whole passel of tea and tea-stuff so I could see what they’re about. Their philosophy is to make tea fun, adding all sorts of flavors and personality to their blends.

For example, right now I’m sipping their organic banana dream pie. It’s a black tea with cocoa nibs, banana pieces, white chocolate, and cocoa powder. Does it taste like banana cream pie? Mmmm, sort of. It certainly won’t replace a piece of the dessert, but it also has less than five calories a cup. Either way, it’s mighty tasty.

They’ve got over 150 varieties and come out with more all the time. With the holidays coming up there are also fun gift ideas, like the “24 Days Of Tea”. Each day in December until Christmas you’ll get a new tin of tea, with flavors like buttered rum, salted caramel, and north african mint. If you celebrate Hanukkah they’ve got “8 Days Of Tea”, and each one is kosher. There are also mini-ornament tins that you can hang on the tree, a collection of their winter teas, and larger decorative tins. Gifts for everyone!

As if that weren’t enough to have you tea shopping, they’re offering you an added incentive to visit their new shops. Just print out this flyer and then purchase $20 worth of loose tea and they’ll give you one of their Perfect Mugs! The offer expires December 1, so check them out in November and you’ll already have some of your holiday shopping done.

I’m unlikely to give up my morning coffee routine anytime soon, but with options like chocolate chili chai, cookie dough, and alpine punch I’ll have a whole new routine for the rest of the day.

And how do you improve the perfect tea mug? Get it for free!

p.s. Yes, those are Space Invaders on that Perfect Mug.






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