How's The Bar?

This bitter cold has turned quite a few people into hermits. Scores of events have been canceled and rescheduled for, hopefully, warmer times. Now it’s Friday, and fear of frostbite notwithstanding it’s time to get out of the house. So tonight you grab some friends, head to a bar, and trip over the tumbleweeds. You just know other people have been feeling the same itch to get out, but where are they?

There’s a new service in town to help you find them. How’s The Bar members keep each other informed on crowd size, age, gender ratio, drink value, and entertainment. You can search ahead of time to see how a place has been rated in the past, or you can see how it is in real time. Circles of friends can update each other with text alerts, and you can post to Facebook and MySpace.

Sounds like a great concept that’ll really take the pain out of deciding on the next bar. You know how it is; you’re having an OK time, but you’d like a different scene. Or, you’ve already paid your $20 cover and don’t want to cough up another one if there’s nobody there or everyone’s having Girl’s Night Out and all the guys have stayed in the hinterlands (unless you’re a guy – then that’s your perfect place).

Like any community it’ll depend on the people who join, so spread the word. They’ve already got about 700 members. I plan on digging out from under my layers of clothing this weekend. Hopefully How’s The Bar will help me heat things up.






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