HQ Beercade River North Celebrates One Year of Their Themed Brunches

Headquarters Beercade’s River North location recently celebrated 1 year of their Disney-themed brunches and I was on hand to partake in the festivities. The beautiful Sunday afternoon (days like these are waning, for certain) did not keep many a partier away for this occasion. HQ does events called Bippity Boppity Booze Brunch (Disney themed, as you may have guessed) and the motif this time was The Lion King. There are 56 Disney cartoons (going all the way back to 1937, I had to Google that) from which music was being played by a DJ and on any number of their television screens (oh, and the Bears game too though I’m not sure many were watching). Since this was a costume party (and contest), the bar was packed with any number of lions (including one on stilts) but they didn’t stop there. You could find characters from any number of Disney cartoon films, including some Pixar characters as well. 

Photographer - Roshan Louise-Julie

Additional entertainment (aside from all the free pinball, video, and other games) were a couple of short shows featuring drag and burlesque performers.  The shows where short and sweet, and the substantial crowd went wild.

One could partake in complementary bottomless mimosas or imbibe on any of the themed drinks the bartenders where whipping up which included:

– Just Can’t Wait To Be King – Averna Liqueur, Rye Whiskey, Lemon Oil

– Be Prepared – Vodka, Black Currant, Lemon, Butterfly Pea Flower

– Hakuna Matata – Swedish Punsch Liqueur, Rum, Pineapple

– Can you Feel The Love Tonight – Gin, Cranberry, Lime

These were pretty straightforward to please the pallets of a younger crowd and I think they did the trick. To accompany the beverages, there were food stations set up with both brunch and lunch-type foods that the kitchen served up hot and fresh, especially due to the demand (lines were long but moved fairly quickly). 

In addition to the costume contest there was Disney song karaoke and sing-alongs which were massively popular.  Folks didn’t need much prompting to sing their hearts out to their favorite Disney theme, and were doing so pretty much the entire time.  Annoying as that may sound, it was actually quite sweet. 

The energy was high, events of the afternoon moved along at a good pace, and there was plenty to do, watch, and play. Who says you have to grow up? A good themed costume party doesn’t have to be reserved just for Halloween.  Well done HQ.







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