iFLY Chicago Takes Fun Up To A Whole New Level

If you’ve ever wanted to skydive but the jumping-out-of-a-perfectly-good-plane part gives you pause then you will absolutely LOVE iFLY Chicago!  I took my kids (9 and 17) last week and we all agree it was an amazing experience we will never forget.

iFLY is an indoor skydiving experience that creates true free fall conditions just like skydiving. Well, except for having to jump out of an airplane. iFLY’s powerful vertical wind tunnel creates a wall-to-wall cushion of air on which you can safely float. The adrenaline rush you experience from floating in the air is unmatchable.  There’s no parachute, no jumping and nothing attaching you to planet Earth. It’s just you and the air. Watch the video I made (below) of our experience and you will see that none of us ever stopped smiling, it was so much fun!

iFLY is perfect for any age with no experience required.  It also would make a great corporate team building excursion or a stellar birthday party.  It’s located in the MB Financial Park which is part of the bustling entertainment district of Rosemont.  iFLY would be a really amazing way to cap off a fun evening (open until 10pm Sunday-Friday, until 11pm Saturdays).  Reserve your flight at iFLY Chicago HERE or call 779-368-4359.

The more you go the more you learn and the more proficient you will become.  We can’t wait to return to learn how to better control our movements – but as you can see in the video they did a fine job of helping us.  Even real skydivers can utilize iFLY to perfect their skills.  I can’t stop telling people how much fun this is!!!






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