I'll Take One Of Those…

Every time I get near the shores of Lake Michigan in the summer I see all those boats on the water and sigh. Oh, to be in one of those pleasure crafts, enjoying the sun, the wind, and the incredible Chicago skyline. I was able to do just that recently aboard the new Mastercraft 300 and now when I pass by them I do so with even more yearning.


A team including the chief engineer made a stop in Chicago as part of their nationwide tour that’s bringing the boat to harbors all across the country. Mastercraft is known for ski and wakeboard boats but they felt there was something missing in the yacht category, so they created the 300 to fill that gap. It’s a 30-footer, but Chief Engineer Kurt Bergstrom has filled it with features that you’d normally only see in much larger craft. His background’s in luxury yachts so he’s applied many of those standards. For example:


  • A head, with shower, that’s large enough that people over 5’4″ can actually stand up
  • Complete customization, including color schemes, fabrics, etc. You can even choose from exotic woods like wenge, a timber my artist father has used in his custom work
  • A grill on deck. Yes, a grill. And a refrigerator or icemaker. That’s in addition to the fridge in the cabin. Sweet.
  • Climate-controlled cabin, so you won’t be too hot or too cold; you’ll be just right
  • An LCD TV that can face the berth or the seating area
  • A completely waterproof TV on deck (in case the view stinks, I guess)
  • Leather header instead of the normal felt
  • A reclinable lounge chair on the bow that seats two
  • Double-curved Mercedes Benz blue glass. This doesn’t “do” anything special, it just looks cool
It’s more than just a pretty looking boat – and it is simply gorgeous. They’ve included a ton of practical features as well, like a full-sized wet hanging locker, a front anchor that can be controlled from the cockpit, and a screen door to the cabin. The cabin door also covers the step down so you don’t break your neck when it’s closed and you’re in the cockpit. The exterior wood has been sprayed over 500 times with salt water, after being dinged, just to make sure it will hold up. The lighting’s LED because that won’t generate heat. They use diesel engines because they’re more efficient than gas. An optional ZF Joystick system that takes the pain out of docking – what Bergstrom calls a “divorce saver”. And because it’s a Mastercraft, it’s powerful enough to be fun. Matt McDevitt told me they actually surf in the wake!
Think you want one? Once you’ve ordered they’ll bring you down to their factory in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and put you up in the posh Blackberry Farm resort that runs oh, around $1400 a night. You’ll get to test drive the 300 and tour the factory.
All of this fancy-schmancy pretty & practical attention does come with a price tag that features a lot of zeros. In this case, Form + Function = oh, about $350,000 to $400,000. Lest you think they’re crazy for introducing a product in that range in this climate, Mastercraft stopped production before the economy took a dive, and began again when their dealers were asking for more. If I could, I’d dock one of those babies.
This bow shape is called a “picklefoot”
The grill:
The Grill
Even the navionics are pretty
Yes, they can create wakes big enough to surf
There’s a 5″ runner all the way around the boat:
Running sideboard
Other boaters in Belmont Harbor would stop by or call out “Looking good!”
Pretty boat
Back of the boat






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