I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date

Over the past few days I’ve been up to my ears in Chicago. That’s not a whole lot different than normal, but this has been a concentrated immersion. I’ve barely even looked at email, Twitter, and Facebook, and for me that’s like saying the Homecoming Queen quit the cheerleading squad. (Not that I was Homecoming Queen. Or a cheerleader. Although I am a cheerleader for Chicago. Anyway…)

So what have I been doing? I’ve been using the past seven years of experience on this website, my education in Journalism and my passion for language to write a book. This labor of love and lots of coffee is a “just the facts, ma’am” nuts & bolts guide to the Windy City, a quick trip into the most popular neighborhoods with TLT recommendations and favorite local spots. There are even discounts to local businesses, and it’s downloadable. Or at least it will be when I finish it.

It was supposed to be done yesterday, but like a website coming out of beta version it’s late. This is for a couple of reasons: 1) There is no way this 39 year old woman is going to pull an all-nighter, as romantic as that sounds. And 2) Chicago is just too darn intoxicating! I’m adding recommendations and next thing you know I’m learning that a famous department store restaurant began because a saleswoman brought pot pies in so her clients wouldn’t get hungry (and would stay longer), and that Hispanic Pilsen was named for a Czech city, and that Twinkies were invented in Chicago. This is fascinating stuff!

Rest assured that I am including these tidbits. They’re part of what makes Chicago the best city in the world. Sure, we’ve got innovative architecture and amazing museums and incredible dining, but what makes this city great are the stories. Some are very, very good and some are horrid, but they’re definitely entertaining.

Until it’s done – and I’m really really really shooting for today – it will still be available for half-price. With the coupons it will actually save you money, and it includes free updates for a year. 



Now, back to work Theresa! You’ve got writing to do!






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