Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality (and shoot gargoyles!) at Six Flags Great America

There’s a new ride at Six Flags Great America. Sort of. Rage of the Gargoyles turns the Demon roller coaster into a fully integrated virtual reality experience. While there are other virtual reality coasters in the country, this is the first fully immersive coaster.

As you sit in the coaster you strap on your Samsun Gear VR headsets, which are powered by Oculus, and you’re immediately transported to the pilot seat of a helicopter in a city being attacked by gargoyles. As the coaster moves, your “helicopter” moves with it. Gargoyles fly in your face as your copter soars and tumbles through the sky. Tap on your helmet and you can shoot those suckers down, and at the end of the game your score is tallied. The jostling Demon becomes an adventure even non-gamers will find thrilling.

Visitors to the park can elect to ride the Demon as-is, or they can choose goggles to see the gargoyles. There’s no extra charge for this experience, but be prepared to wait a little longer. Getting riders set up takes a few moments and the headsets do need to be cleaned each time.

Rage of the Gargoyles opens August 12, 2016, for season pass holders and Samsung phone owners, and August 13 for all park guests. Children must be 13 and up and all guests must at least 42″ tall.

Want to see what it’s like? My husband, Jim Goodrich, and I were one of the first to experience this new enhancement and we were blown away (when we weren’t blowing away evil creatures) and Six Flags shot video of our reactions. This is definitely a TLT recommeded ride!






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