It's a bird! It'a plane! It's… Super Hotdogger!

July is National Hot Dog month, and who better to celebrate with than Oscar Mayer? Chicago is mildly hot dog obsessed, and we are devoted to Vienna Beef. However, when a new and improved Oscar Mayer hot dog comes on the scene riding a jet-pack, well, that we had to see for ourselves.

Oscar Mayer is a household name for a reason. They have been a staple for years. They have the Wienermobile. And everyone can sing the jingle… “I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener!..” Now that their hot dogs are a little healthier, perhaps it is time to give them a go, Chicago! How are they healthier? No more nitrates and nitrites, that’s how!


The mission is clear: to get a better hot dog in every hand. Yes, that includes yours. How will they do it? By wearing a jet-pack suit and flying over the lake, obviously! Why, what have you heard? Wait… It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Super Hotdogger!


What is Super Hotdogger, you ask? It is in fact an Aussie dude crazy enough to strap on a jet-pack suit of his own making, decorated with hot dogs, naturally. He levitates over the jetty at North Avenue Beach, then zooms through the air at 68 miles per hour! I mean, you gotta be a little crazy to do that, right?
How do I know this? Oscar Meyer recently hosted The Local Tourist on a boat stocked with hot dogs. The boat took us out to watch Super Hotdogger in action. To say we were amazed is an understatement. The future is now, folks! Just watch the Super Hotdogger fly!

While watching the Aussie take to the sky, we munched on the dogs. There were plain hot dogs with almost all of the Chicago-style fixins (no sport peppers or celery salt, and the buns were not poppy seed to be a true Chicago-style, and there was a bottle of ketchup lurking, but we won’t hold it against them!) Plus, as a bonus, celebrity chef Jeff Mauro designed a special New York City bagel inspired hot dog. Both delicious! And the hot dogs themselves were pretty darn tasty. Way to go, Oscar Mayer!

So, if you see a spaceman flying through the sky above you, don’t be alarmed. It isn’t an alien invasion. It is Super Hotdogger hard at work, rushing a tasty wiener to you and yours. It is all for the love of hot dogs…
Super Hotdogger took flight over Chicago’s North Avenue Beach.
The Local Tourist invitation for two for the Oscar Meyer sponsored boat viewing courtesy of Olson Engage.
All photos by Gourmet Rambler. 






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