It's Your Town Exhibit Brings Focus to Street Art

Over the first hot summer weekend I had an opportunity to preview a street art exhibit by the artist named Lie at the Chicago Truborn space on West Chicago Avenue. When art is involved, I am always game, and the exhibit didn’t disappoint. The fact that the opening was sponsored by New Amsterdam Vodka and cool delicious cocktails were involved was icing on the cake.

The artist is actually a dynamic duo, a man and a woman, each with their distinctive style. They collaborated on the large street mural across the street from Truborn space. The mural to me appeared mezmerizing. The artists’ signature eyes, seen throughout the collection, gave the illusion of looking directly at you. It was as if the city was looking back at me, hauntingly. Needless to say, it left quite an impression.


Inside, a Dam Cold Wind cocktail in hand, I perused the exhibit (all of the art for sale, in fact some already sold). Some pieces more abstract and challenging than others, most bearing some elements of graffiti, but all were distinctive in their own right. I could have spent a few more hours browsing. Pieces are priced for every budget. In fact, my companion purchased a small print on the spot. The exhibit will remain open to the public for the next five weeks and the mural is a great addition to our fair city’s vibrant street art scene.

Chicago Style

New Amsterdam Vodka, the opening’s sponsor, is very clean tasting on its own, but even better in a signature cocktail. Dam Cold Wind was a refreshing blend of vodka, citrus juices, ginger beer and mint. Think fancy Moscow Mule, and who doesn’t love those on a hot day?

Next time you have an hour to kill, use it wisely and go see some street art at Chicago Truborn. It’s always tremendous to discover someone’s point of view. Let the city look you in the eye. You’ll be glad you did.

It’s Your Town Exhibit is in residence at Chicago Truborn, located at 1741 West Chicago Ave.

Media preview access courtesy of Chicago Truborn & New Amsterdam Vodka. 

All photos by Gourmet Rambler.






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