January 31 designated 'Concierge Day' in Chicago by Mayor Rahm Emanuel


Mayor Rahm Emanuel of ChicagoBy official proclamation from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the City of Chicago will celebrate its third annual “Concierge Day in Chicago” on January 31, 2013.

Concierge Preferred’s President & Publisher Tim O’Malley worked with the mayor’s office to create a day dedicated to all concierge – from residential and corporate to hotel and other types – as a way to formally pay tribute for all they do to make Chicago the world class destination it is.

“Chicagoland’s concierge are behind the scenes orchestrating a variety of activities and are true ambassadors for our city,” says O’Malley. “They are centerstage answering questions and coordinating important functions that enable tourism to thrive in Chicago and are constantly creating memorable experiences for their guests.”

The impact of concierge on Chicago’s visitor market is undeniable. Almost five million referrals are made by Chicago’s 750-plus city and suburban concierges with over 1.3 million dining recommendations;  1.1 shopping suggestions; advice on 658,000 nightspots; and almost 1.2 million referrals to the Chicago area’s various cultural attractions being made each year.

“We are happy that people are recognizing the various types of concierge and the things that we do in our wonderful city,” says Kathy McClanathan, President of the Chicago Hotel Concierge Association.

Sheryl Novak, President of the National Concierge Association’s Chicago Chapter and Concierge Event Services World Wide adds: “It is going to be a special day for Chicago’s concierge community.”

To help spread the word about “Concierge Day”, Concierge Preferred developed the following ways in which the city and visitors can show their support:

  • Visit Concierge Preferred’s Facebook Page and use the official “Happy Concierge Day Chicago” logo as your Facebook profile picture leading up to January 31, 2013 or “Concierge Day in Chicago”
  • Post a picture of yourself hugging, high-fiving, or just with a concierge and post it to Concierge Preferred’s wall
  • Post your favorite concierge tip or give a shout out to a particular concierge on Concierge Preferred’s wall
  • On January 31 write “Happy Concierge Day in Chicago” as your Facebook Status Update
  • Use the hashtag #conciergeday in all related tweets promoting “Concierge Day in Chicago” and make sure to @reply others who are using it as well to help spread the word and show the world that we support our city’s concierge. 

For additional information, please contact Amber Holst at Concierge Preferred at aholst@conciergepreferred.com or visit www.conciergepreferred.com .

Proclamation declaring January 31, 2013 as 'Concierge Day' in Chicago






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