Just a Typical Day…

Sable Kitchen & Bar is a new restaurant that just opened in the Hotel Palomar. A few of us media-types were invited to a sampling of their menu and cocktails.

This place is, as we learned very quickly, quite serious about their cocktails, as you can see from my “gastro-tweets”:

  • Getting ready to check out the menu & cocktails at this new spot (@ Sable Kitchen & Bar) http://4sq.com/94M7WH
  • Didn’t realize that vermouth goes bad, like wine. Getting ready to taste a Dolin & Plymouth martini.
  • La Quercia Ham & Swiss Poppers – what’s not to like?
  • Just had the soft pretzels with smoked cheese cheddar dip. Didn’t last long enough for a picture.
  • Tried a Beefeater & Noilly Prat martini (5:1) – spicy. And a Plymouth & Dolin martini (2.5:1) – smooth.
  • Just tried the Bacon Wrapped Dated stuffed with ewe’s bleu cheese. Again, what’s not to like!
  • Phyllo wrapped corned beef Reuben with thousand island dressing. Good, but too much cardamom
  • “Looks good in a suit” is vodka, white port, and chef’s fresh peach preserves -and delicious!
  • The mixologist has a bacon tattoo. I think I’m in love.
  •  “War of the Roses” is St. Germaine, Tanqueray 10, Pimms #1 & grapefruit bitters with a mint garnish. Good, but a bit more medicinal.
  •  “La Perla” is Partida Reposado Tequila, Manzanilla Sherry & Pear Liquor and will kick your tuckus.
  • “Chelsea 12” is Deaths Door White Whisky, Pink Port, basil, & strawberry-allspice bitters and good even for non-whisky drinkers
  • “McEwan” is Bruichladdich Single Malt Rocks, Poire William, clove syrup & lemon juice with egg whites & finished with nutmeg. Mmmmm.
  • “Black Friars Pint” Plymouth Gin, Cardamom Spiced Guinness, East India Sherry shaken w Angostura Bitters & egg white. Wow! Sweet & savory.
  • “Yoina Buta – Drunken Pig” Yamazaki 12yr Japanese Whiskey, bacon bitters, lemon & bacon-brown sugar syrup. Jenny: “Smells like a log cabin.”
  • This is my job.
Note for Chicago history junkies: Sable is “a nod to the ‘Father of Chicago’
Jean Baptise Point du Sable.






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