Just When We Thought The Writer's Strike Was Over…

File this under sublimely ridiculous. Producers are casting for Paris Hilton’s new BFF. If you think you’re a “Hot Bitch” or a “Fabulously Fierce Guy,” are at least 21 but look like you’re under 30, fill out an application online to be on the upcoming MTV show, “I Wanna Be Paris’ New Best Friend”. Wow them by telling your wildest stories and which secret you wouldn’t want to get out (brilliant, eh?).

They’re also holding meet and greet mixers this weekend at Sutton Place Hotel in the Gold Coast Saturday through Monday. To be considered, send an email to parisbffcasting@gmail.com with your name, picture, and phone number.

Wish I’d known about this on April 1. It would’ve been easier to stomach if I thought it was fake. As it is, I feel like I’ve lost brain cells just writing about it!






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