KorFusion offers a unique taste of Seoul in Chicago

KorFusion, a new quick service concept located at Division and Halsted, offers a fast and intriguing way to enjoy the many flavors of Korean cuisine. KorFusion is short for “Korean Fusion” and the restaurant melds traditional family recipes from Korea with American and other cultural flavors. 

KorFusion is located at 1234 N. Halsted Street, just north of Division, tucked away in a small strip of stores. It may be a little difficult to find, but it’s definitely worth the effort. An added bonus – free parking.

The concept is to offer traditional Korean favorites in a way that allows diners to craft their own flavor combinations. For example, their Tacos and Burritos are filled with Korean proteins such as Bul-go-gi (Korean Marinated Beef, Pork, or Chicken) and can be customized with a vast selection of hot and cold veggies. By combining Korean flavors to Americana staples, they hope to provide you with a unique taste of Seoul.

The make-it-your-own menu features bao tacos, burritos, tacos, rice bowls, bibimbap, kimchi fried rice and jap chae (traditional Korean glass noodles). Dining guests can customize their meal through the selection of proteins, carbs, cold and hot vegetables and sauces. An interesting array of non-alcoholic beverages include aloe vera water, Ramune, Milkis (Korean cream soda) and more. Additional KorFusion locations are planned for 2017.

On my recent visit, I took a friend who has great knowledge of Korean food. She and I were both impressed with the variety and quality of the options. The clear winners for both of us were the Bao Tacos and the Bibimbap (which we had with beef, traditional Korean veggies, and a sunnyside up egg). Although they do not make the kimchee in house, they do stir fry it with sesame oil which elevates it. I would definitely suggest trying the Bibimbap with egg and extra kimchee for a traditional taste of Seoul. If you are a bit shy of hot-spicy food, ask for things medium or mild and try the Milkis (Korean cream soda) to help cut the heat. This was a great combination for me.

Here are some of the ingredients available as you craft your own unique tacos, burritos, rice bowls or bibimbap:



  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Kimchi Fried Rice (stir fried white rice and kimchi)
  • Jap Chae (traditional Korean glass noodle dish with sweet Korean teriyaki sauce)


  • Chicken Bulgogi (stir fried chicken with a sweet Korean sauce)
  • Beef Bulgogi (stir fried beef with a sweet Korean sauce)
  • Pork Bulgogi (stir fried pork with a spicy Korean sauce)
  • Grilled Pork (grilled marinated pork strips)
  • Tofu (lightly fried)
  • Fried Egg, add to rice bowl and bibimbap


  • Lettuce
  • Spring Mix
  • Spicy Cucumber
  • Cucumber
  • Kale Mix
  • Tomato Salsa
  • Stir Fried Kimchi
  • KorFusion Giardiniera
  • Carrots
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Pickled Radish
  • Steamed Spinach
  • Bell Pepper and Onions
  • Bean Sprouts


  • Spicy Mayo (mayo and sriracha)
  • Bibimbap (traditional Korean spicy sauce)
  • KorFusion Spicy (for those looking for heat) 
  • KorFusion Ranch (ranch and sour cream)
  • Bao Sauce (KorFusion’s take on teriyaki)
  • Soyu (lighter soy sauce)

KorFusion has a small area for communal seating and carryout is available. You can order ahead on their website. For more information, call 312-929-3166 or visit their website.  Follow their social media conversations on Facebook or Twitter. The restaurant is located at 1234 N. Halsted and is open daily 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.






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