La Bayadère

Sometimes we take for granted just what an amazing city we live in.  We’re surrounded by art in all forms and get used to seeing it on nearly every corner.  Let’s never take this for granted.  There are other wonderful cities in this world that yearn for what we have.  One of those many coveted institutions is our very own Joffrey Ballet.  The company was founded in 1956 enjoying residencies in both New York and Los Angeles before finding its permanent home in Chicago in 1995, earning a highly respected reputation worldwide along the way.

The Joffrey Ballet opened its newest work “La Bayadère this past Wednesday.  Performed in an iconic building, the Auditorium Theater, this ballet runs through October 27th and I suggest you run, leap, or jetè to get tickets before this remarkable show ends.  La Bayadère, (French for The Temple Dancer) premiered in Russia in 1877 becoming a classic in Russian repertoire but remaining unknown to the rest of the world until the 1960s.  The story is set in India but the music is classically European.  The choreography too is a primary example of traditional ballet in its ensemble movements and solo numbers.  This production is no small undertaking and is spectacular from the elaborate costumes to the stunning set.  The story is filled with love, jealousy, betrayal and beautifully told through the medium of classical ballet.  Above all, the dancing is remarkable.  This is an important piece of work for any company to take on and will jettison The Joffrey Ballet to an even higher stature. You’ll leave breathless at the dancing and filled with colorful visions from a faraway land.







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