La Vie En Rosé with Wines of Provence

It’s raining in Chicago, but I don’t care. I am outside, dressed in heels and a dress, make up perfectly applied, hair done… well, it WAS. It is raining, I am soaked and umbrella-less. So what? I. Don’t. Care. My world is rosé colored and lavender scented. I have found a piece of Provence by the Buckingham Fountain in the heart of Chicago.

I am cowering under the edge of a festival tent, cozied up to a few of my favorite things. Namely, sixteen bottles of Provençal rosé wines exhibited at Windy City Wine Fest by Wines of Provence. Provence is famous for the dry rosés redolent of strawberry and wild lavender and salty French Riviera breezes. I get to sample this bottled sunshine. It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it. I am taking one for the team. You are welcome.

Technically rosé season is swiftly coming to an end. In January I can’t find a bottle to save my life. Left to my own devices, I would drink rosé all day every day. So, I will take every opportunity to sip and savor the stuff. Wines of Provence work hard to bring the flavors of the South of France to us, thirsty rosé addicts. I, for one, am deeply grateful.

I take another golden sip as the rain subsides. Buckingham Fountain glows in the dusk. The sky is the study in blues and purples. My favorite city’s skyline twinkles in the background. Everything in life is better with a glass of rosé, of that I am certain. “Made in Provence.” Grab yourself some bottled Riviera sunshine, and life will always be la vie en rosé. I promise.

Windy City Wine Festival takes place every year in front of Buckingham Fountain in the heart of Chicago.

All photos by Gourmet Rambler. 

The Local Tourist festival access is courtesy of Wines of Provence. 






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