Ladies: Help Choose Fish Bar's Craft Beer Week Brew with Barley's Angels

19th Century Suffragetes may have been tee-totalers, but ladies have come a long way since that epic battle for the right to vote. In fact, they’re the only ones who can vote at this Wednesday’s beer event at Fish Bar.

Barley’s Angels Chicago, a group of ladies who love and respect beer and brewing, have teemed up with brewmasters and Fish Bar to create an event that puts women in charge. Ladies will enjoy a three-entree dinner, each course paired with two different beers. They’ll then vote on the beer that matches its dish the best. The winners of each pairing will then be on special during Chicago Craft Beer Week, May 16 – 28. Representatives from the breweries will be on hand to educate, cajole, and maybe even coerce the voters to pick their beer. (This is Chicago, after all, where anything goes when it comes to voting.)

Here’s the “ballot”:

  • Be Witty: Grilled Walleye slider with Boulevard Zon and Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA
  • Get Funky: Satchmo slider with Stone Cali-Belgique and Ommegang Goudenhop
  • Be Hoppy: Oyster po’boy slider with Lagunitas IPA and Sixpoint Resin

Reservations are required in advance and tickets are only $32. You can ensure your right to vote by emailing Mindy Rivera at [email protected] or by calling 773.687.8177.

Gentlemen need not feel too slighted. They can still get the pairings, they just don’t have any say on the outcome of the voting.






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