Let Them Drink Pinot at Pinot Days!

Chicago Pinot Days Grand Festival at Navy Pier is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited! Let us all drink pinot noir copiously and be merry! 

The Chicago festival is the most intimate event of the Pinot Days tastings, but it has the biggest heart. More than 50 wineries fly into the Windy City and paint the town with pinot noir. With Winemaker Dinners, “Meet the Winemaker” pinot and food pairings at local wine bars and restaurants, tastings at boutique retail stores and finally, the Grand Festival at beautiful Navy Pier, this wine infused extravaganza has something for everyone. Chicago is the friendliest and foodiest city of all; here we know great food and wine and we enjoy it without any pretense. Join Chicago Pinot Days for a whirlwind of exquisite wine, incredible food and the loveliest people. I am sure you don’t want to miss it, so hurry up and grab your tickets HERE! See you there? We’ll toast with pinot noir!

Pinot Days is the largest gathering of Pinot Noir producers in the world. It has to be; pinot noir is exceptionally stylistically diverse, and the fest producer’s aim is to give every pinot lover a place to “go deep” within the style you love. And, if you’re open to venturing outside of your comfort zone, you can learn about, and quite possibly love, other styles as well. To this end they gather pinot noir winemakers to pour hundreds of pinots that range from the picture of elegance to forward and “wow.” You can’t try them all – don’t try – it’s not the point! The point is to follow your palate like a North Star, and experience this beautiful little grape in as many forms and styles as compel you. It is an endless pursuit of knowledge. So, ignore the critics; ask folks in the crowd, “Who have you tried? What do you like?” Pinot noir is way more than a grape variety – it’s an art form.

The Grand Festival will be hosted at Navy Pier’s Lakeview Terrace, a warm and intimate room with amazing views of Lake Michigan. Take note: this event will be limited to only 1,000 attendees. Navy Pier is located at 600 E Grand Ave.






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