Let Them Eat Cake

For the last few months we’ve been building up to our 10 year anniversary. We figured a decade was a pretty big deal, so we wanted to do something that’s just as huge. The solution was to create Passport To Chicago, a collection of special offers from many of our favorite businesses. We also believe in giving back, so we’re donating a portion of every passport purchased to several of our Charity Chat guest organizations.

The Passport launched on June 3 and the day culminated in our offical TLTen Celebration at Public House. “Local Tourists” traveled the city collecting stamps before converging at the River North hot spot for drinks, conversation, and a really big cake. 

The icing on the day was, quite literally, from Bleeding Heart Bakery. Michelle and Vinnie Garcia took our Chef’s Table and AlphaBeer events, the Chicago flag, and our signature red X and turned them into a delightful work of art that was (almost) too good to eat! Just almost, though – inside was an incredibly dense, thick, delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

TLTen Cake from Bleeding Heart Bakery

Bleeding Heart Bakery cake details


Thank you so much to Bleeding Heart, and also to Public House for hosting our celebration!

If you’d like your own Passport To Chicago you can also start exploring the city and supporting local charities. Bleeding Heart Bakery is in there, and they’re giving passport holders a baker’s dozen for the price of 12. For a limited time it even comes with a free “I’m A Local Tourist” sling bag (value $15).

Thanks for all of your support, and here’s to another ten years!







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